This modality of massage is slightly different than Swedish massage because it is performed to the deeper muscle structures and connective tissue. The deeper work promotes circulation while it decreases inflammation and increases a normal range of motion to these areas.

Michelle specializes in deep tissue modalities such as:

Myofascial release: Releases the fascia on a deeper level. This helps relax the contracted muscle while stimulating the stretch reflex. Releasing the fascia will allow more blood flow with increased circulation. This technique is excellent for fibromyalgia.

Neuromuscular massage: Techniques used to release adhesions and trigger points. Usually performed on a deep level and may be slightly painful.

Sports massage: Uses various modalities to work on a specific problem to help perform better and without injury. Most effective in relieving spasms and create a blood supply to an area to create a tissue change and promote healing. May be painful at first, but usually described as a good pain.

Adhesions: Are tight fibrous painful bands of tissue (knots) that build up and restrict movement and circulation. Deeper, more direct strokes are applied across the muscle tissue, while focusing on these problem areas.

It is a more aggressive therapy that helps relieve chronic pain and spasms.

Scar tissue release: Commonly used post surgery to help prevent keloid formation and adhesions. Also helps the healing of scarring due to severe burns.

Cupping: Lifts muscles and tissues upwards to break up adhesions, increase blood flow and circulation to promote healing and help restore normal function.

Everyone’s body is different and may respond to some modalities better than others.During a massage session, Michelle has the knowledge and skill to incorporate many techniques to help you achieve your own personal goals of wellness.

Communication throughout the massage is required to adjust pressure at a comfortable level. Deep tissue massage does not have to be painful to be effective. All techniques are followed by various stretches to lengthen benefits of massage therapy.

Sometimes after the massage, the client may experience soreness or pain, but should disappear within a day. Because many toxins are released during the massage, you should drink plenty of water to help eliminate them from the body.

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This type of massage is specially helpful with chronic pain such as:

The benefits of Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage is as follows:

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