Sombra – is a natural pain relieving gel. This is a great product for seniors with arthritis pain. It is also effective to reduce muscle soreness. What is great about Sombra is it smells like lemons, not a medicine smell.

One common question I am asked is; what is a knot. Another term for knot is a trigger point. Trigger points are hyper sensitive areas of fibrous connective tissue that surrounds skeletal muscle.

Prictioning (massaging) has been shown to decrease pain in these points.

The Trigger Point book lists trigger points as well as common areas of pain referred from an active trigger point.  I like this book because there are stories that sound familiar about you or someone you know.

Knobble – The knobble is a small hand held tool that will allow you to access deep friction problem areas. This will save your thumbs from fatiguing. The trigger points in those hard to reach areas – this is also helpful because you will not hurt another muscle while helping one.

The DaVinci Tool from Body Back company is one of my favorite tools. I lay on them in areas such as pinefemis or middle of trapezius.

The Peanut Ball is great to roll down the erectors on both sides because the gap between the two balls will support your vertebrae.

Stretch Straps are helpful to assist in stretching. Therabrands provide resistance training basically anywhere they can be wrapped around something , or in the door jam. These are great for travel because they weigh almost nothing and take up almost no space.

3B Tape is the kinesiology tape I prefer to use in my office.

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