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Massage Q & A

Listed below are the most commonly asked questions about Massage Therapy, and the answers to the questions.

Q. Am I going to feel tired after my massage?
A. No one can tell you honestly how you're going to feel after receiving massage, because every person is an individual and will feel something different than the next person. Some people say they feel more relaxed and tired, however, some feel the complete opposite; rejuvinated and refreshed.

Q. What should I expect after my massage?
A. Depending on your specific treatment, some muscle soreness may be expected. As well as a sense of well-being and a deep level of muscular relaxation.

Q. Why is water such an important part of massage therapy?
A. Water before and after your massage is extremely important. Massage of muscle tissue releases toxins and waste into the body. Drinking water, aids the body in flushing the toxins out and allows nutrients in.

Q. Should I exercise before or after my massage?
A. I personally suggest massage after exercise to promote healing, and increase circulation, and optimally decrease pain. However, some of my clients prefer to run/lift weights after a massage because of the increased flexibility and range of motion. Again, everyone is different and you have to see what works for you.

Q. What is the proper attire for my massage?
A. When receiving Swedish or Therapuitic massage modalities, your massage will be most beneficial to you completely unclothed. However, you may keep a small amount of clothing on for your comfort. Your body will be completely covered by the sheet at all times, and the area being massaged will be the only area undraped. In the situation of chair massage and event massage, all clothing remains on.

Q. How is massage going to make me feel better about myself?
A. Massage leads to increased endorphin levels. This is one of the greatest benefits of massage. Endorphins are the chemicals that run through the body that make you feel good. Increasing endorphin levels has been correlated with a speedier recovery, reduced pain, manages chronic pain, and helps reduce anxiety.

Q. How often should I get a massage?
A. Depending on what your personal health goals are, and stress levels are at, some people need weekly visits to start and then monthly to maintain wellness. Others do well with appointments every two weeks. And of course, the standing weekly appointment. You have to see what works for your body.

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